The Attractive Man online workshop, will make you a strong attractive man,Everyone feels attracted towards you especially woman, You have a great social life, You understand female psychology completely.

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Watching videos on YouTube, reading a book at home or attending a seminar is great. It can give you results. But the most effective and fastest way to achieve the results you’re looking for is from 1 to 1 personal coaching.

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Dr.Naxatra Meuva is the youngest Metaphysician of India and the first Metaphysician of Gujarat. He has been training and coaching for the past 6 years.  He has attained his Doctorate of Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics (USA). He is also an author of a highly acclaimed book “The success Myth.”

Thousands of people have transformed their lives after attending his unique “Beyond Mind Power” workshop. With his awareness program on channel VTV Gujarati, he reached out to masses with his message of “Healing with thoughts.”

His passion to make a drastic improvement in people’s lives has made him study human psychology and the functioning of human behavior. After studying the behaviors of hundreds of people in different areas, he has come up with the techniques to help people break any limiting pattern, remove any fear/ phobia and get any desired result one wants.

He’s now on a mission to help people especially men to become more confident and charismatic and take their relationship to the next level by becoming a better person because he believes that relationship is the most important aspect of anybody’s life.

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