Why women are attracted to Bad Boys?

Have you heard this saying “Nice guys finish last”.

Well, it’s true in many cases especially when it comes to relationship.

I have heard many similar complaints from my clients:

I proposed to my longtime crush and she said: “I like you but as a friend.”

“You’re so nice, you deserve better than me?”

“I don’t want to lose our precious friendship.”

And they also complain:

“I am the nicest guy you will ever meet, why she is not attracted to me but the guy who is not treating her properly?”

Well, truth to be told:

In reality, there is nothing nice about nice guys.

What are some characteristic of a nice guy?

  • Nice guys have manipulative behaviors
  • Nice guys avoid confrontation and conflicts
  • Nice guys give to get
  • Nice guys seek approval
  • Nice guys have a huge ego about how nice they are
  • Nice guys have passive aggressive behavior
  • Nice guys have fake smile and they try to convince that they are nice
  • Nice guys have a hard time asking what they want and they are very bad receivers

So, In reality they are the opposite of a nice guy. They hide their real-self and honesty to prove to the world that how nice they are.

She is not attracted to the bad boy, she is attracted to the masculine quality that she is missing in the nice guy.

The Key is not to become the bad boy, but to embrace the positive side of masculinity!

3 ways how nice guys can embrace their masculinity and attract better relationship:

  1. Be direct and learn to say “NO”.

Nice guys can’t say “NO” to people’s request, especially from the opposite sex. If people think they can simply walk over you, you can’t become attractive. So learn to say “NO” and be honest with yourself.

  1. Compete in a healthy way!

Start participating in any form of competition. Competition will bring out the masculinity inside. Take up any sport, do some physical exercise and you will become attractive

  1. Get rid of the idea of pleasing people.

Pleasing people is not bad, but nice guy’s entire personality is based on whether people are liking them or not. Get rid of this idea and remember you can’t please everyone, you are not a vanilla. Do what is right and only compliment people when it is genuine!

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