Women are only attracted to good looking/handsome guys?

If you know what women find attractive in a man, you can truly become attractive as a man! Men and women fall in love differently.

How male and female attracted to someone is very different.

Every man can become attractive even though you think you are short, ugly, fat or skinny guy.

Why you should become attractive?

For a passionate relationship, you should know what women find attractive. Otherwise, she is with you but there is no passion. It’s like two buddies hanging out.

There is two primary difference between male and female attraction?
  1. Visual cues – Behavioural Cues

Men are attracted to visual cues.

Women are attracted to behavioral cues.

For example, if you are a male your primary sense is Visual. Female are more auditory.

“Women wear makeup and men lie because men fall in love with what they see and women fall in love with what they hear.”

What does this mean?

For men, her looks are more important than her behavior.

For women, his behavior is more important than his looks.

As a man ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you resourceful?
  • Are you strong?
  • Are you decisive?

For women, it’s not the way you look, but the way you behave.

Women are subconsciously attracted to a man who has resources who is the alpha male because for her safety was the main concern. She wants a man who can provide.

Basically, the duties of a man are:

·         To provide

·         To protect

·         To procreate

2.Male- On/off switch! Female- Volume Knob

Male attraction works very quickly in a fraction of second. Whether Female takes time to feel attraction towards a man.

Why? Because she is judging your behavior and it takes time. She is screening you whether you are a real deal or not.

She will look at you and think “he looks confident and decisive but is he for real or he is just faking?

On the other hand, men are not that interested in how much money she makes or her intelligent she is. Sure, if it’s there then it’s a bonus. What men are looking for a woman is whether she is beautiful or not.

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