Download the first chapter of the book "The Success Myth" for free written by Dr. Naxatra Meuva Discover the secret ingredient for achieving success.

Public Workshop

Day-1:The Foundation

1. 3 steps of massive change
2. State of mind
3. Confidence booster technique
4. Alpha Meditation
5. Theory of mind
6. Law of attraction and its application
7. TRUE-Goal setting and achieving system
8. Power of language

Benefits :

1. Learn 3 laws to change anything permanently
2. Learn how to attract and maintain money, wealth and prosperity
3. Learn the power of thoughts to attract anything you want
4. Develop psychology of successful people
5. Learn how your mind works and how to use it
6. Develop a clear target of what you want in life -money, career, relationship, health
7. Learn a powerful system to achieve any target/goals
8. Overcome any negative emotion
9. Overcome shyness, fear and build unshakable confidence


1. Belief system
2. Health and fitness secrets
3. Power of Visualization
4. The inner happiness system
5. Life values
6. Power of meditation
7. Attract money technique
8. The secret of everything: Identity
9. Aatma Darshan technique

Benefits :

1. Break any unconscious fear that are holding you back
2. Discover your driving force of life
3. Master the art of communicating with anyone and influence
4. Learn what makes SRK, Amitabh Bachchan, Virat Kohli successful
5. Learn how to dramatically increase your energy
6. The art of meditation for healing and mental peace
7. Experience heightened state of awareness and subconsciously overcome any negative pattern
8. Discover the art of having harmonious relationship


Corporate Workshop


1. Learn what controls your emotions
2. Get rid of anger, stress, depression, fear or any negative emotions
3. Transform your negative emotions into positive
4. Be in control of your emotions
5. Increase your energy magically at work and home
6. How to instantly change your mood


1. Discover the art of having amazing relationships with spouse, children, friends, colleague etc.
2. Find out the real secret of inner happiness
3. You find yourself being more accepted and loved by others.
4. You observe an increase in personality magnetism. People seem more drawn to you.
5. Achieve the level of fulfillment you have never imagined.
6. Develop a positive perception about people.


1. Achieve your personal and professional targets.
2. Complete your target with enthusiasm and motivation.
3. More opportunities, both personal and financial, become available to you as a result of this.
4. Overcome procrastination and achieve your target on time.
5. Become a better team member.
6. Know your own values and live by your values.
7. stop thinking negative and start being more positive.



  • M.R Gandhia, DY. S.E (ONGC, Mehsana)

    “Excellent workshop! Experienced peace of mind. If we follow these teachings, our life will be changed.”

  • Ajay Singh Yadav, Senior security officer (ONGC, Mehsana)

    “It was a wonderful experience attending this workshop. It taught us the powers which were hidden inside all of us.”

  • Mrugen Shah- (Senior Executive, Health Department, Govt. Of Gujarat)

    “I remember the day 20/04/2014, Sunday, from that day, my thoughts and my life changed due to this workshop.”

  • Chintan jotaniya – (Faculty, SVBIT)

    “It is really a heart touching experience. I just loved it, really knowledgeable one. Thank you.”

  • Rachna B. Vyas (G.E.C, Govt. of Gujarat)

    “Amazing, out of the world! Words are much less to describe this workshop. Feeling full of energy.”

  • Kaavya Shah (G.E.C, Govt. of Gujarat)

    “The way Mr. Naxatara Meuva represents the whole seminar is so energetic that anyone wants to be like him.”

  • Mukesh kumar, DCR-IT ((Forest Department, Govt. of Gujarat)

    “Must do workshop for everyone who wants to achieve higher goals in life.”

  • Kuldeep Goel, Addl. PCCF (Forest Department, Govt. of Gujarat)

    “New experience about the things not thought earlier, the whole program was excellent.”




About Us

About Dr. Naxatra Meuva

Dr.Naxatra Meuva is the youngest Metaphysician of India and the first Metaphysician of Gujarat. He has attained his Doctorate of Metaphysical Science from University of Metaphysics (USA). He is also an author of a highly acclaimed book “The success Myth.”

Thousands of people have transformed their lives after attending his unique “Beyond Mind Power” workshop. The workshops conducted by Dr. Naxatra Meuva are highly engaging, energetic and result oriented. He has given training to school-college kids as well as corporate and government employees. His unique style of presentation has helped so many individual overcome their shyness, increase confidence, improve their relationship, overcome their fear and limiting beliefs.

With his awareness program on channel VTV Gujarati, he reached out to masses with his message of “Healing with thoughts.”

His passion to make a drastic improvement in people’s lives has made him study human psychology and the functioning of human behaviour. After studying the behaviours of hundreds of people in different areas, he has come up with the techniques to help people break any limiting pattern, remove any fear/ phobia and get any desired result one wants.